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What They’re Saying

Their Spirits Took Flight…Is a wonderful presentation of the history of this prominent cemetery and the people who are spending their eternity there.  The stories of the people who have added so much to the history of the entire community is shared here by an author who appreciates their stories and presents them in such a beautiful manner.  A great research tool for families, genealogists, and historians alike.

Pat Chesnut, Director, Searls Historical Library

Their Spirits Took Flight is a well-written and meticulously researched book that will serve as a valuable resource to genealogists and history enthusiasts alike. Current and historical photographs and images make for a visually appealing book that conveys the author’s passion for his subject and creative talents.
Katherine J. Rinehart, Sonoma County Historian

The last time I visited Nevada City I lent your book to several people who have lived in Nevada City for many years. There are descendants of people buried in Pine Grove Cemetery who are known to my friends.  I recognize the enormous effort and passion that it took to collect all this data that appears in your book…  We all appreciate this wonderful book, this history sensitively gathered and respectfully presented in Their Spirits Took Flight.
This is your spiritual and historical gift to us all.
Rianne Lovett, former 25-year resident of Nevada City

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