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Enjoy a few brief excerpts from our upcoming release

 Their Spirits Took Flight


Preston Alexander

died 1889

Born in Virginia. African-
American pioneer. Miner, city bill-poster, and
janitor. Alexander Street in Nevada City was named
after Preston. He arrived in Nevada City in 1853 and died in 1889 at the approximate age of 57.

Death Related Customs

Following are a few common customs and superstitions related to death:

The color of mourning is black. It is symbolic of spiritual darkness. Like death and the feelings of loss and separation accompanying it, black is dark and fathomless.

A deceased person needs to be removed from the house feet first. If the deceased leaves the house head first, they can look back and beckon those left behind to follow him or her to the grave.   [More...]

Mary Jane Harry Roberts


Born in Pennsylvania. Daughter of Collan
and Ellen Harry, and wife of Stephen H. Roberts.  Mary and Stephen lived in a house on Sacramento Street that was eventually removed to make room for the freeway. She kept the home dark with red velvet curtains, and filled it with lovely old furniture. In the parlor stood her organ, and down the hallway one could see her brightly lit kitchen where a canary always happily sang. Mary was proud of the 16-inch waist she maintained when a young woman, but lamented to her niece, Janella, that during her youth, she was made to play the organ at funerals.

Daniel Marsh


Born in Ohio. Daniel arrived in Nevada City on Christmas Day, 1863, at the age of 22. He immediately began working in the lumber mill that his brother, Martin Luther Marsh, partnered in with L. O. Palmer and S. R. Perry. Eventually Daniel bought out Palmer and Perry, bringing the business under the brother’s ownership. It became known as, M. L. & D. Marsh.  On July 26th, 1921, Daniel made a comment to his nephew that he wished the Almighty would remove him from this life soon. When Daniel did not turn up for dinner that evening, a search was made. He was discovered hanging from the rafters in the barn behind his home at 225 Park Avenue.

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