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Our flagship product, Their Spirits Took Flight is a fascinating look at the "residents" of Nevada City's Pine Grove Cemetery.  This beautiful book is produced in a beautiful hard-cover binding with high-quality paper and fascinating biographies and information.  As you turn every page, you will get to know centuries' worth of people whom might otherwise have been forgotten.


Their Spirits Took Flight relates the history of Nevada City through the lives of some of the earliest pioneers. You’ll meet veterans of various wars, congressmen and other public officials, people who worked as domestics, miners, teamsters, and in the saw mills and local bordellos; all of whom left this Earth between 1854 – 1961. Their stories are here, featuring over 3,600 biographical sketches and more than 140 photographs and other images. The book includes a directory of pioneers and early citizens residing within, a cemetery map, and touches upon cemetery symbolism and death related customs of the late 19th and early 20th century.

Their Spirits Took Flight


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