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Huge News!!!
Their Spirits Took Flight
is a double International Award Winner!
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Banner Mountain Press

Banner Mountain Press
is proud to present its Premiere Publication:

Their Spirits Took Flight
Nevada City's Historic Pine Grove Cemetery

Now a major international award winner!

2022 Independent Publisher Book Awards have named 
Their Spirits Took Flight 
as recipient of two prestigious "IPPY" awards:

                 Cover Design - Non-Fiction (all global entries) ~ Silver Medal
              Best Regional Non-Fiction (West-Mountain) ~ Gold Medal

Learn more about the IPPYs here, and check back for more News and Information.

Ippy Gold Medal
Their Spirits .._edited.jpg

photo: Kathy Rappaport-Flash Frozen Photography Inc.

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"Let us endeavor to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.”

Mark Twain

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An Abundance of Gold

Nevada City is to other mining towns of the Sierra foothills, a venerable old lady sitting nestled amongst her seven hills, placidly fanning herself in the sun.

Familiarly known as the Queen of the Northern Mines, she is respected not only for the large amounts of gold extracted  from her bosom, but praised for her rough elegance and charm, which becomes quite apparent

when one enters the city. 

“There’s gold in them thar hills” was the cry of the forty-niners. Today, gold is  found in the spectacular Autumn foliage displayed in the century old sugar maples and other trees that abound within the Victorian neighborhoods of Nevada City. Gold can also be found in the many thousands of stories of lives lived in the foothills, many of those stories rest patiently to be discovered in

Pine Grove Cemetery.

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